Wachsen Rolling Bench Galvanized 4' Box A

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Note: Box “A” is one half of the 4’ Wachsen rolling bench. It comes with everything needed to assemble half of the bench. Couple with part GD-WRBG4'BOXB for the complete four foot bench.

A Tailored Growing Experience
Wachsen rolling benches are designed with the needs of the professional grower in mind. These built-to-last, patent pending, and modular rolling benches are customizable to fit easily into any sized grow room. Each bench is extendable and can accommodate various add-ons to make them uniquely, and seamlessly fit into your operation. Like all of Wachsen’s professional products, these one-of-a-kind rolling benches are engineered to make your growing operation more efficient. These benches help you to more profitably utilize your available square footage. They are easily installed and maintained, helping to keep labor costs down, because we know that your time is just as valuable as your crops.

Designed for Your Growing Environment
The Right Size
Wachsen rolling benches come in two convenient sizes that will fit perfectly into your grow spaces. Available in 4 foot and 5 foot widths, they are ideal for almost any growing environment. Whether you just need one, or a whole array, there is a Wachsen rolling bench made for your operation.

Optional Trellis Supports
Use Wachsen trellis supports in combination with your rolling benches to direct the growth of your plants and support the weight of their branches and buds.

Optional Modular Trays
Our food grade, ABS trays are designed to fit on any of our rolling benches. These trays can be readily incorporated into your growing operation, helping you to keep your crops organized and to make sanitation a breeze.
  • Commercial Tray Front Section 4'
  • Commercial Tray Mid Section 4'
  • Commercial Tray End Section with Drain 4'

The Easiest Assembly on the Market
Wachsen rolling benches can be assembled more quickly and with more ease than those of our competitors. With a handful of common tools, and no specialized labor required, they can be out of the box and in use in little time. Reduce the cost per square foot of your operation with these extremely user-friendly benches.

  • Fast lead time
  • Premium quality product
  • Adjustable height
  • Tilt-proof and innovative design
  • Lockable, reinforced nylon fiber feet
  • 10 inches of travel span on either side (20 inches total)
  • All hardware made of SS304 Stainless Steel
  • Heavy duty plastic corners
  • Easy to install and low maintenance
Dimensions & weight
  • Shipping dimensions: 86" L x 8" W x 7" H
  • Shipping weight: 55 lbs

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