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Len Wong - Founder and Owner 

Len Wong is the founder of The Grow Depot, which was created from Len’s dedication to sustainability and his passion for the role that organic gardening plays for the environment and human health.

Len’s focus on organic gardening has guided him in his product selection and allowed him to select products he feels are best suited for the Canadian cannabis grower. The Grow Depot’s hand-chosen team understands that each strain and growing location has different needs for lighting, food and water.

Len Wong has more than 19 years of experience in cannabis genetics and organic gardening. He began his education in the area with medical cannabis consulting under Health Canada’s Marihuana Access Regulations (MMAR). He now serves as a consultant for the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).

Over the years, Len has significantly increased his knowledge around the genetics of cannabis as a way to help patients find strains that meet their individual health needs. Working with many different strains and breeding new ones targeted to help specific illnesses helped him find his passion for genetics and breeding.

Len Wong has focused his energies on breeding superior cannabis strains with remarkable phenotypes, improving his strain selection along the way while excelling at cultivating high quality, craft-style cannabis. His proven horticultural skills and insight for formulating sound business decisions make Len Wong a consulting asset in the medical cannabis industry.

Len is a genetics enthusiast who has cultivated specialty strains for the Canadian climate while perfecting growing strategies to optimize a plant’s genetic code. He prides himself in staying ahead of the latest trends, strains and genetics, honing his production techniques with fresh knowledge.

Outside of leading The Grow Depot, Len Wong is involved in several other organizations in the Toronto area, including Genetix Consulting, Cann Help Clinics and Sunspec Lighting.

Len is the master grower and founder of Genetix Consulting, a cannabis consulting firm that specializes in genetic research and development. Len is also a consultant at Cann Help Clinics, a medical marijuana clinic in Toronto that specializes in developing personalized medical marijuana treatment plans. Len consults with the doctors to help guide them through selecting specialized genetics and strains that help with various medical ailments.

Len Wong is excited for the medical cannabis industry to be more normalized in the future. His passion for his work shows in every project at the Grow Depot and Genetix Consulting, as well as in his personal garden.

Outside of work, Len enjoys boating, fishing, fitness and organic gardening.


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