Cannabis seeds on a ledge with plants in background


The Grow Depot offers cannabis consulting services for a wide variety of clients through Genetix Consulting, a Toronto based Cannabis Consulting Firm.
Genetix Consulting consists of a team of genetic enthusiasts who have cultivated specialty strains for the Canadian climate while perfecting growing strategies to optimize a plants genetic code. They offer every type of cannabis consulting from Business to Cultivation and Genetics.
Starting a new cannabis operation can seem overwhelming. Finding the right soil, lights and fertilizers are only a few of the things you will need to think about when starting out. Having the right information to make sure your operation functions well and is easy to maintain is an important part of the beginning stages. Genetix Consulting can help you cultivate your cannabis from a seedling.
There are many different strains of cannabis and like any other industry many different qualities as well. Genetix Consulting offers strain assessment consultations and they work with expert breeders to stay ahead of genetic cannabis trends. They have access to top quality seeds and their Master Grower can walk you through the germination, growth and harvesting process. 
Whether you need help with a small set-up, commercial operation or finding the right strain, Genetix Consulting will be able to assist you every step of the way.
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