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Botanicare Ebb and Flow FittingsBotanicare Ebb and Flow Fittings
Current Culture UC Spin Tight Bulkhead 3″
FloraFlex Tubing 1/4 in OD
FloraFlex FloraCap 2.0FloraFlex FloraCap 2.0
Hydro Flow® Barbed Ball ValvesHydro Flow® Barbed Ball Valves
FloraFlex FloraClip 2.0FloraFlex FloraClip 2.0
Green Planet pH DownGreen Planet pH Down
FloraFlex Air Bleed ValveFloraFlex Air Bleed Valve
FloraFlex PotPro PotFloraFlex PotPro Pot
FloraFlex Matrix CirculatorsFloraFlex Matrix Circulators
EcoPlus Air StonesEcoPlus Air Stones
EcoPlus Air Stones
From $2.70
FloraFlex MatrixFloraFlex Matrix
FloraFlex Matrix
From $29.99
Rainmaker Trigger Sprayer
Green Planet pH UP
Green Planet pH UP
From $17.99
Hydro Flow® Premium Vinyl Tubing - BlackHydro Flow® Premium Vinyl Tubing - Black
EcoPlus® Fixed Flow Submersible or Inline PumpsEcoPlus® Fixed Flow Submersible or Inline Pumps
Hanna Groline PH Tester

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