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Showing 1 - 24 of 26 products
Gavita Pro 900e LED 120-277vGavita Pro 900e LED 120-277v
Gavita Pro 900e LED 120-277v
Sale price$1,455.99
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ThinkGrow Model-H LED Grow LightThinkGrow Model-H LED Grow Light
ThinkGrow Model-H LED Grow Light
Sale price$1,799.00
Equinox 1000 LED PanelEquinox 1000 LED Panel
Equinox 1000 LED Panel
Sale price$995.00
Fluence Spyder 2P 47" 120V-277VFluence Spyder 2P 47" 120V-277V
Fluence Spyder 2P 47" 120V-277V
Sale price$2,200.00
HLG 65 V2HLG 65 V2
HLG 65 V2
Sale price$140.00
HLG 225 EliteHLG 225 Elite
HLG 225 Elite
Sale price$399.00
HLG 550 V2 BspecHLG 550 V2 Bspec
HLG 550 V2 Bspec
Sale price$1,188.00
SunBlaster LED Strip Light HO 6400K 48W 4'SunBlaster LED Strip Light HO 6400K 48W 4'
Fluence Spydr 2x 47"
Fluence Spydr 2x 47"
Sale price$2,500.00
Fluence Spydr 2i 47"
Fluence Spydr 2i 47"
Sale price$1,800.00
Sunspec LED Pro 660Sunspec LED Pro 660
Sunspec LED Pro 660
Sale price$1,500.00
Sunspec LED Pro 880Sunspec LED Pro 880
Sunspec LED Pro 880
Sale price$1,830.00
Sunspec LED Pro 1750Sunspec LED Pro 1750
Sunspec LED Pro 1750
Sale price$1,400.00
Sunspec LED Pro 1850Sunspec LED Pro 1850
Sunspec LED Pro 1850
Sale price$1,800.00
HLG 320W XL QB V2 Rspec LED KitHLG 320W XL QB V2 Rspec LED Kit
HLG 100 V2HLG 100 V2
HLG 100 V2
Sale price$208.00
HLG 300 V2 RspecHLG 300 V2 Rspec
HLG 300 V2 Rspec
Sale price$778.00
HLG-550 V2 Rspec CSA, ETL, UL CertifiedHLG-550 V2 Rspec CSA, ETL, UL Certified
ThinkGrow Model-V LED Grow LightThinkGrow Model-V LED Grow Light
ThinkGrow Model-I Plus LED Grow LightThinkGrow Model-I Plus LED Grow Light
HLG 550 V2 EcoHLG 550 V2 Eco
HLG 550 V2 Eco
Sale price$857.00
Luxx 645w LED PROLuxx 645w LED PRO
Luxx 645w LED PRO
Sale price$1,425.00
Save $125.00
Gavita CT1930e LED
Gavita CT1930e LED
Sale priceFrom $1,725.00 Regular price$1,850.00
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Gavita Pro 1700e LEDGavita Pro 1700e LED
Gavita Pro 1700e LED
Sale priceFrom $1,463.00

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