Twister T4 Trim Saver

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Twister T4 Trim Saver with Stainless Steel Bin and Cleanable Cyclone

The Trim Saver™ from Twister is a revolution in trim collection and preservation for Twister Leaf Trimmers. An industry first, the Trim Saver™ uses radial cyclone technology to generate airflow from a vacuum, effectively bypassing the vacuum impeller to deliver the greatest production possible without damaging your trim.

The Trim Saver™ is truly plug-and-play. Simply connect the vacuum hose to the trimmer and hit the power switch. It’s that simple.

Whether using WET or DRY, the Trim Saver™ provides maximum separation efficiency of trim, collecting over 99% of your product in an easy-to-empty collection bin beneath the cyclone.

Designed from the ground up for easy disassembly and cleaning, the Trim Saver™ comes with a removable “trim collection bin”, allowing for quick 2 minute wipedowns between trim sessions.

Upgrading to the Twister Trim Saver for the T4 is easier than you think.

It can be done in three easy steps…

  1. Order the new stand for Trim Saver
  2. Place your T4 on top of the new stand
  3. Attach your hose…

You’re done!

Input Voltage 120V
Motor 1.5 hp
Amps (running) 12A
Amps (startup) 53A
Motor Speed 3450 RPM
Airflow Capacity 1200 CFM
Static Pressure 10″ W.G.
Impeller 10″
Operating Conditions 650 CFM
Height 62″
Weight 123 lbs
Circuit Breaker Required 15A, 120V
Connector (plug) NEMA 5-15P
Sound Rating 80 db
Included Filter Bags 70 Micron, 40 Micron
Certification CSA


T4 Trim Saver Cut Sheet

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