TurboKlone 144-Elite Klone Machine with Humidity Dome

Product: 144 – Elite Klone Machine w/HD
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TurboKlone is extremely excited to offer a new Commercial Level propagation system called the Elite Series.

These systems are specifically designed for serious growers.

Special features include:

*Grey ABS plastic shell – less heat absorption from lights above, as well as greater reflective properties to promote efficient growth.  

*Alpha/numeric lid – categorize different plant species with ease. 

*Optional humidity dome with integrated vents – the vents allow you to adjust the humidity level within the dome and provide more control.

*Colored klone collars – visually differentiate plant species using a color coded pattern determined by you. 

*Larger fan – introduce more O2 to the grow chamber with even greater cooling effects.

Reservoir: Custom ABS Plastic
Clone Capacity: 144
Cutting Medium: Custom Polyethylene Collar (included)
Water Pump Grade: 650 gph
Optimal Water Temp: 68-75° F
Optimal Amount of Water: 12.5 – 13 gallons
Optimal Water PH: 5.7-5.9
Product Dimensions: 44 3/4 X 21 1/8 X 11 5/8
Recommended Lighting: T5 Florescent or Natural

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