TrolMaster Hydro-X Lighting Control Adapter Lantern Schedule [0-10V]

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TrolMaster’s Hydro-x system can control most of the supplemental lighting fixtures sold today. Most light manufacturers provide the ability to control their lighting systems using what known as a low-volt control. That low-volt control can take many forms and communication protocols. TrolMaster makes several types of lighting adapters (LMA units) that allow the Hydro-x to control lights using their low-volt control option.

Lantern lighting schedule is a lighting routine for vegging plant that you could find in any college grade horticulture book. It is as follows 12 hours lights on, 5.5 lights off, 1-hour lights on, 5.5 lights off, and repeat schedule. The 1 hour on in between off period fools the plants that stay in vegetative growth state.

LED power indicator
Convert digital signal to analog signal
Seamless connection with the Hydro-X with RJ12 Cable
Plug & play
1 x Lantern Schedule Adaptor (LMA-24)

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