TrolMaster Aqua-X Irrigation Control Systm with Water Detector

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The Aqua-X system is the professional-grade irrigation control system. It is a fully customizable modular designed system. Installation is simple and the system is easy to expand. The Aqua-X is designed to control up to 30 separate irrigation zones (24vac solenoid valves or 120vac pumps), The Aqua-x monitors pH / EC and water temp as well as to monitor actual growing medium moisture levels by using up to (8) Water Content Sensors connected to a single Aqua-x controller. The timers can be set-up to be recycling timers, or to operate at specific time of day and durations. With the free TrolMaster App, user could access to all settings and alerts on the system from anywhere anytime.

LCD display for easy operation
Manage multiple rooms
Control up to 30 outputs
pH, EC, and temperature monitoring
Free smartphone app with alerts and historical chart
Data logging
1 x Aqua-X Irrigation Controller
1 x Water Detector
1 x Touch Spot
1 x 12V Power Adapter

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