Revelry Around-Towner Medium Duffle Bag

Product: Revelry Around-Towner Medium Duffle Bag
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The Around-Towner is a medium sized odor absorbing and water resistant duffle bag. It has a 72L capacity and is a great size for daily business or short trips; 24'“ x 14” x 13”.

Revelry’s odor absorbing rechargable carbon doesn’t have a lifespan. All you need is heat to release the odors and recharge your bag. If you ever feel like you can’t get the smell out, simply turn the bag inside out and either put it in the dryer for 10 minutes on low heat or leave it in the hot sun for a few hours.

  • Carbon Filter System

  • Rubber-backed Nylon

  • Custom Protective Lining

  • Waterproof Zipper

  • Velcro Zipper Covering

  • Lockable

  • Inner Stash Pocket

  • End Handles

  • Genuine Leather Accents

  • Removeable Shoulder Strap

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