Advanced Nutrients Overdrive

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Overdrive is an ultra premium flower booster with an extremely extensive and very complex array of phosphorus and potassium sources.

Hormones and catalytic agents are added in order to pack on extra girth and weight that produce unparalleled flower and oil production during the critical last weeks of flowering when plants show the most sizeable gains.


  • Increased nutrient uptake

  • Increased photosynthesis and energy

  • Increased cell expansion and replication for larger flowers

  • Increased creation of internal floral structures and compounds for increased aroma, taste, potency and market value

  • Increased resistance to drought, heat, stress, diseases, pests and end stage exhaustion due to folic acid and other ingredients

DIRECTIONS: Use 2 mL per Liter during weeks 5 and 6 or the last 2 weeks of your flowering phase. 

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