Nutri+ Green 20L

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Source of energy.

For growth and flowering.

Compatible with all mineral or organic fertilizer.

·         Excellent for foliar application to reduce and correct the leaf yellowing by increasing the production of chlorophyll.

·         Contains essential trace elements and unique compounds that accelerate the assimilation of trace elements and the cell division.

·         Accelerates the development and activates the vegetative growth.

·         Provides energy to young cuttings.

·         Makes up for certain nutrient deficiencies during flowering.

nutri+ GREEN is a source of minerals and organic chelating agents specifically chosen to give the young plants, newly transplanted or stunted and yellowing, a beneficial source of energy necessary for a quick resumption of the chlorophyll production.  For the yellowing, wilted, shriveled or stunted leaves, in hydroponics or soil, a single dose of nutri + GREEN by foliar application produces a regeneration within 24 hours.

Used with your growth fertilizer as supplement, nutri + GREEN provides a stunning acceleration of the vegetative growth. 

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