Nanolux NCCS Data Transfer Unit (DTU) Controller

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Product: Nanolux NCCS Data Transfer Unit (DTU) Controller
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Nanolux is proud to introduce its new NCCS APP system. The new NCCS APP can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or the Apple APP Store.

Use the APP to control your grow room from anywhere in the world on your Smart Phone or Tablet. The first of its kind; the NCCS is an “all-in-one” application that will continually grow as your needs do. The NCCS windows software was released in 2014 for PCs to control light timing, dimming, and overheat protection. Originally operating on its own wireless cloud network, Nanolux has now created an APP for both an iPhone and Android. The APP is far more versatile and extensive compared to the original PC software release. The new APP will have the same lighting controls plus several new controls including: room temperature, humidity, and CO2 with the NCCS THC controller, and soon the Nanolux pH/EC doser. Just like the lighting controls, the THC and pH controller will be wireless, and adjustable from the APP.  With the APP, you can set the perfect growing parameters and have peace of mind knowing it’s all automated. No longer do you have to constantly walk through the grow room and take readings from several different controllers. Simply open your phone APP to monitor or adjust settings depending on your plants needs. This means less time wasted in the growing environment, which provides less of a chance of disrupting the controlled environment or introducing outside pathogens. This system will continue to expand as Nanolux introduces new controllers and monitors.  Nanolux’s next launch will include remote connectivity to Nanolux security cameras, environmental controllers and dosing controllers in the Spring of 2017.

NCCS Smartphone APP

  • Allows programming of DTU APP from SmartPhone (Apple or Google) via Bluetooth

  • Allows Remote Access from SmartPhone to DTU via WIFI/Internet access

  • Compatible with:

    • DTU APP for ballast control and programming

    • Nanolux THC – Temp, Humid, CO2 controller (Spring 2017)

    • Nanolux Doser (Spring 2017)

    • Cameras (Spring 2017)

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