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Method Seven’s Classic Clip Ons attach directly on to your prescription glasses so you can change the way you see your plants! Fits a wide variety of smaller or less shaped lenses.

For HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) lighting.

Method Seven “Classic HPS Clip-Ons” change the way you see your plants and grow room using your own prescription glasses!

Our Classic style clip-ons have high-quality lenses with spring-loaded rubber coated metal clips that gently hold to your eyewear. This Classic style fits a wide variety of smaller or less shaped lenses. For larger lenses look at “The Aviator” Clip-on.

Manufactured in Italy to our exacting standards by CARL ZEISS VISION. For use under HPS lighting.

SEE THE DIFFERENCE and treat yourself to QUALITY with the FIRST & BEST GROW ROOM GLASSES in the industry designed by Method Seven an OPTICS TECHNOLOGY company. Includes Microfiber Spectrum Art pouch that doubles as lens cleaning cloth.

Comes in HPS and LED variations.

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