Luxx Lighting 630W CMH (120-277V)

Size: 3100k
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The Luxx Lighting 630 CMH is becoming the most popular lamp in the horticultural industry in years. CMH lamps have a very broad spectrum and is closer to simulating natural daylight than any other form of HID lamp.

Luxx Lighting 630 CMH versatility boast the ability to function as primary vegetation lamp, a very capable supplemental light in large flower operations and the power to act as the main source offering a full spectrum in a small garden .

  • Bulbs are included (3100k or 4200k)

  • Over 95% high reflective aluminum 

  • Operates on a 120/240/277v power supply 

  • 10ft 240v power cord (NEMA 6-15P)

  • Controller compatible (SOLD SEPERATELY)

  • 2 x 315w full spectrum CMH bulb

  • 3 Year warranty 

*Note: Luxx Lighting 630w CMH units do not offer a dimming feature, and do not respond to the dimming function from the NX-1. Aside from changing the spectrum, altering 315w CMH lamps output also shortens their lifespan, decreasing their efficiency and photon output.

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