Lavender Dwarf Munstead

Size: 0.13 gr. - Approx. 130 seeds
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Lavendula angustifolia. This open plant is an early flowering selection with more blue in the flowers. Dwarf Munstead lavender seeds are the most aromatic of the English lavenders, giving off a sweet and delicate perfume. It is great for drying, hung by itself or with other tiny flowers. Dwarf Munstead works well in containers or raised beds, and will reward the grower with masses of aromatic cut flowers that can be easily dried. Lavender flowers are edible, and highly attractive to pollinators. Sow some Dwarf Munstead Lavender seeds in your organic herb or vegetable garden this year. Plant height: 38cm (15").

    • The most aromatic of English varieties
    • Great for drying
    • Gives off sweet delicate perfume
    • Blue flowers
    • Plant height 38cm (15")

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