FloraFlex Nutrients Vegetative V1 14-0-4

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FloraFlex V1 and V2 deliver all vital nutrients to your plants during their vegetative stage in an easy to use two-part water-soluble formula.

Fertilizer Specifically For Your Favorite Plant™

FLORAFLEX Nutrients makes using nutrients uncomplicated and practical. The most pH stable nutrient on the market is a two-part powder formula that is easy to mix and apply. FloraFlex has used their years of experience along with that of those in their community of growers to create a regimen that works for every stage of your plants’ life. The Original Formula is based on maintaining a simple and consistent routine through the Vegetative and Bloom stages.

Nutrients are usually introduced in the growing cycle once a plant has begun to root. When starting seedlings and cuttings many people prefer to use only pH water until their plants are rooted, however some people like to introduce a low dosage of nutrients from day one. The Seedlings and Cuttings Formula was made with those people in mind.

There are many factors that go into growing a high-yield, high-quality crop and some growers find it beneficial to modify their formula along the way. FloraFlex has come up with three additional formulas for those who prefer to adjust their nutrient levels at different stages of their plants’ growth. The Mild, Aggressive and Super Aggressive Formulas are all listed under the additional information section below, along with the Original Formula and the Formula for Seedlings and Cuttings.

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