Enzymes Komplete

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Enzymes Komplete is a Multi Purpose Natural Enzymatic Cleaner With A Mint Twist ( Complex formulation of organic mint oils)

Enzymes Komplete is Multi-purpose: cleaning and cleansing all growing systems, surfaces, equipment machinery, hand tools, fogging growing facilities, buildings, greenhouses, tents, hydroponic systems, product storage and much more.

Enzymes Komplete comes in 8 different sizes with a shelf life of over 10 years and a temperature tolerance of up to 50 Celsius / 120 Fahrenheit and not afraid of short freezing.

Recently reported by many growers, is the effective use of Enzymes Komplete for unlocking chemical and salt lock-outs, cleaning hand tools and blades for commercial trimmers and cutters, glass ware (remove organic gunk, sticky resins in minutes by wiping off).

Removing and cleaning away, spider mites and fungus gnats, aphids and others.

The mint keeps rodents away as well as many nasty insects - please note that Enzymes Komplete is not a pesticide or nutrient - it is a gentle and non aggressive formulation that is easy to use and is friendly to people and pets, biodegradable and Earth Friendly.

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