Current Culture H2O ClensAir Air Sanitization Systm

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Current Culture H2O ClensAir Air Sanitization System is a next Generation Air Purification technology that utilizes the latest UV based photocatalytic disinfecting process combined with advanced media filtration to produce 99.98% pure air. It uses a 6-layer purification process to ensure all microorganisms, VOCs, airborne mould, and pathogens are eliminated. The ClensAir™ system is engineered by the in-house Aguair team to ensure that your facility will achieve air sanitization of the highest standard.

  • Destroys more than 99.98% of mould and pathogens from the air, and removes ethylene gas and odours.
  • Able process 10,000 cubic feet per hour – the highest flow rate in the industry.
  • Filter quality gauge
  • UV replacement alert
  • Observation port to see UV operation
  • Hour meter
  • Simple to install – Plug-and-play design
  • 110v 60Hz/ 220v 50Hz 2amps
  • Removable top panel for maintenance ease

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