Bush Bean Jacob's Cattle Bean

Size: 15 gr. - Approx. 22 seeds
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CERTIFIED ORGANIC! The precise origins of this beautiful, ancient heirloom bean are not known, but it is listed as Trout in some histories, possibly after Virginian Jacob Trout. The plump, oblong beans are creamy white, and speckled with deep burgundy. The markings darken to almost coffee brown as the seeds age. During the summer, Jacob's Cattle Bean makes quite a nice snap bean, before the seeds mature. By the end of the season, the prolific bush plants produce masses of pods that are easy and fun to harvest for winter storage. The tasty beans cook in about half the time as other dry beans. It is also known by the colourful names Coach Dog, Dalmation, and Anasazi.

Matures in 90 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)

    • Bush bean
    • Ancient heirloom
    • Truly beautiful beans
    • Edible as snap beans
    • Matures in 90 days

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