Basil Lettuce Leaf

Size: 0.5 gr. - Approx. 310 seeds
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Lettuce Leaf basil seeds produce very large, bright, puckered green leaves with a glorious aroma. Provide high soil fertility and a light, well-dug soil to get the largest leaves. We recommend using potting soil with two tablespoons of Gaia All Purpose 4-4-4 per liter of soil. Try this mix in containers in your patio herb garden. Tear the big leaves into salad mixes or use whole leaves to wrap savory morsels like brochettes or salad rolls. Lettuce Leaf Basil is a sweet basil, with milder flavour than the Genovese types. It's perfect for the home gardener, but it also makes an eye catching and unique bundle for the market table.

    • Very large, puckered leaves
    • Glorious aroma
    • Use in salads or to wrap savory morsels
    • Provide fertile soil
    • Needs light soil for the largest leaves

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